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Life Support for Old Trafford A&E

Thu, 29/11/2012 - 17:05 -- Leon
Manchester city councillors demand the closure of A&E at Trafford General be halted immediately.


In a move praised by the Save Trafford General Campaign, Manchester city councillors have called for plans to close the A&E department be postponed - and included in the ‘Greater Manchester NHS review’ next year.

And to the delight of campaigners, they’ve gone one step further - insisting that unless Wythenshawe Hospital gets another £11million to cope with the intended extra patients, the plans to close A&E at Trafford must be abandoned altogether; warning that they will refer the Trafford cuts to the Secretary of State for Health if their concerns aren’t taken into account by health bosses.

The Manchester response comes in stark contrast to Trafford Council’s, which disappointed campaigners have described as “weak and ineffectual.” Campaign chair Matthew Finnegan said: “The city council has done us proud. Their response to health bosses is exactly what we hoped for.

“They are absolutely unequivocal about their opposition to these plans for Trafford, because they will have a huge knock-on effect on Manchester residents. If services are lost at Trafford General, patients in both Manchester and Trafford will have to wait longer for the treatment they need.”

Campaign co-ordinator Jo Harding added: “We are absolutely delighted at the city’s support for our campaign. They’ve shown an extremely strong commitment to local NHS services – and are clearly prepared to stand up and fight for them. Manchester city council should be congratulated by everyone in Trafford for showing such a positive lead.”