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Community garden is created in the heart of Old Trafford

Sun, 13/01/2013 - 23:32 -- Helen Clifton
Residents and councillors have come together to create a green haven in the heart of Old Trafford
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Helen Clifton

Despite freezing temperatures, hardy members of the Old Trafford Wildflowers group last weekend transformed an unloved piece of land into a new community garden.

The green fingered gang have filled five large planters with trees, bulbs and shrubs in an attempt to tackle flytipping and create a shared public space for locals to be proud of.

It is hoped that the new green space - which occupies an unused patch of land based around a derelict substation at the back of Prestage, Byrom and Stamford Streets - will grow and grow as more people get involved.

Co-organiser Liz Murphy said: "People don't realise that flytipping is unlawful - they think it's OK. But we want to show people that it's not acceptable. This is common ground. It looks really unsightly and it is not OK.

"I am so heartened by the response today. It's been brilliant."

The day of action was also attended by local councillors Sophie Taylor, Ejaz Malik and Whit Stennett. Local fire officers handed out leaflets about free smoke alarms, while council officers also got stuck in with planting.

All residents are welcome to contribute their time, skills and energy to helping the garden grow.

Cllr Stennett said: "This sort of event is important to help create good vibes in the area."

Local people voted for the wildflowers group to receive funding last year as part of an event organised by Changemakers, part of Manchester-based charity Church Action on Poverty.

For more information, email Liz Murphy on

Watch this space for a film about the action day.