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100 new trees on the way to Old Trafford

Wed, 01/02/2012 - 14:22 -- Ally
A grant to Red Rose Forest means more greenery for the area
Andy Long, Woodland Officer for Red Rose Forest

Residents of Old Trafford, together with Red Rose Forest have been successful in securing an Old Trafford Community Grant and match funding from Trafford Council to plant 100 trees in the area, helping to make Old Trafford a greener, healthier and more enjoyable place to live.
Red Rose Forrest has consulted people in the streets where trees are going to be planted and the planting spots on the pavements were marked last month. Planting will be done during February.  

Last year Red Rose Forest planted three new orchards across Trafford Borough as part of National Tree Week which ran from the 26 November - 4 December. (pictured)

Tony Hothersall, Director of Red Rose Forest, said: “The Big Tree Plant is great news for the people of Manchester. Getting trees in our cities and towns is vital. Trees shield houses from traffic noise, can help save energy, reduce the risk of flooding and also help fight the effects of air pollution and climate change.”

The Big Tree Plant brings together national tree-planting organisations and local groups. The national campaign has set aside £184,000 for Greater Manchester’s Community Forest over the next four years to support tree planting and get people involved in their environment across the local area.